Legacy SmileMail Platform Maintenance

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2018-08-09 — Smile: We’ve just built a new server to handle our Legacy SmileMail Platform. We will be performing on-going maintenance over the course of the next 72 hours to repair delivery issues for mailing lists, forwards/aliases, as well as rebuilding the Dovecot mailbox indexes to resolve current issues with webmail and email clients not properly displaying the contents of mailboxes.

If you encounter any other email-related issues in the next few days, please let us know and we will work with you to get the issue promptly resolved.

Legacy SmileMail Email, Webmail, Managemail currently offline

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**UPDATE — 2018-08-08 @ 11:32PM:  We’ve completed the setup of the new mail system to host legacy clients. 99% of the domains have been restored, and we are currently performing a couple of post-migration tasks that will resolve any issues you may experience regarding messages not appearing in webmail or your email clients. Since the infrastructure on the back-end was upgraded, the new server needs to index all of the mailboxes we just migrated — so this issue should be resolved soon the re-indexing takes place.  

FROM THIS POINT ON — if you are using a “Smile-owned” domain name (e.g.; smileglobal.com, smilegram.com, cdemail.com, etc.), you will need to change the incoming & outgoing server names in your email client to: qmt.smileglobal.com

You will also need to enable SMTP Authentication, and use your email address + password for login info. Make sure you select port 587 and enable STARTSSL.

New Webmail URL: https://qmt.smileglobal.com/roundcubemail
New ManageMail URL: https://qmt.smileglobal.com/qmailadmin

*NOTE: The URL’s above will change back to webmail.smileglobal.com & managemail.smileglobal.com in the next week or so. The “QMT” URL’s listed above will still remain valid.

We apologize for the extended outage. At this time, we are fixing a couple of issues with mailing lists and aliases/forwards — but everything else should be operational. If you notice any problems please submit a trouble ticket  https://manage.smileglobal.com/submitticket.php

Thank you,
Smile Support Team

**UPDATE — 2018-08-08 @ 12:06AM:  Our legacy email system has experienced a serious failure platform failure, requiring that a new server be setup and all legacy domains and mailboxes get migrated immediately.  
We’ve built the new server and are currently in the process of running local backups of all remaining legacy domains. Backups will then be uploaded to the new server as they complete and will be restored once the transfers have completed. We apologize for the extended downtime and assure you we are working as quickly as possible to get this resolved. You’ll be able to access email via webmail from the link on our website once this is completed https://web1.smileglobal.com/roundcube/

There will be some configuration changes needed on your mobile devices and email clients in regards to sending/receiving email (you’ll need to change your incoming/outgoing server hostname to “qmt.smileglobal.com” , set port 587 for the SMTP server, and enable SMTP authentication — then use your email address & password for the credentials).

Smile-owned domain names In-Progress:

Completed Domains:

Initial Issue:

We are currently experiencing an issue that is affecting our legacy email platform, webmail, and our managemail control panel. This issue is also preventing delivery of emails to smileglobal.com

Please hang tight while we work on a resolution and check back later for a status update. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working as quickly as we can to restore service.

*NOTE: All clients hosted on the new SmileMail platform are unaffected.

Thank you for your patience,
Smile Support Team

Duplicate emails being received

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We’ve received numerous complaints regarding duplicate emails being received. We are aware of the issue and working on a resolution. During the power outage we experienced at the datacenter last Thursday morning, we lost our primary email gateway server — which has created an extra load on the backup email gateway server. At this time we are in the process of rebuilding the primary email gateway server on a new box, and hope to have it completed sometime this evening.

We apologize for the inconvenience that has caused you and that we have fallen behind on responding to emails and support tickets. Please bear with us while we work through these issues.

We will ultimately be migrating all email accounts to our new email cluster (which is unaffected by this issue, BTW) — but in the meantime need to get this sorted out so that everyone is able to use their email in the same manner as before. Please stand by for further updates.

Thank you,

Smile Support Team


UPDATE – 12:15AM, 3/18/2016
We’ve built a new Email Gateway Filtering Server, which should take the load off of our primary box and stop the duplicate emails from being sent. Please note, you may receive some failure notification or bounce messages while the new server begins to process the queue. We are hoping this resolves the duplicate email issue. Stand by for further updates.

Smile Global Web/Email Services have been restored

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We’ve restored service for all email and web hosting customers. Unfortunately, we lost a couple of servers during the power outage. However, these systems were slated to be replaced and decommissioned in the coming weeks, so this will certainly expedite this process. We will be rebuilding the failed hosts over the weekend and aggressively moving forward with email migrations to the new SmileMail platform this weekend.

Please expect an update on our Status website and via email regarding migrations this weekend. We will send out instructions containing the configuration items that will need to be changed, and then bulk adding users to the new system. We’d like to avoid any future unnecessary downtime, so please work with us to get switched over to the new platform this weekend.

We apologize for the inconvenience this unexpected downtime has created and appreciate your patience and understanding while we’ve worked through the issue. If you are still waiting for a follow-up from a ticket, please be patient — we received hundreds of notifications that are in the process of being processed.

Thank you,

Smile Global Support Staff

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